Welcome to Journal to Simple

April 3, 2018

First, thank you for stopping by and taking a chance by reading this post. Time is precious and you’ve chosen to spend some time here, and I’m grateful!

For over seven years now, I’ve been trying to simplify my life. I’ve read many self-help personal growth books and blogs about simplifying, going zero waste, decluttering, happiness, finding the authentic self, finding purpose, food addiction, meditation, you name it. I’ve also read many memoirs by people who have chosen the road less traveled–my absolute favorite kind of book. I’ve learned a little something from each of these books and blogs and put many of the ideas into action.

I started this journal to reflect upon and share what I’ve learned. It’s been a bumpy path, believe me, with lots of struggles. This blog is not about perfection or to say “I’ve made it to Nirvana!” My life is still a work in progress; I just want to see how far I’ve come and process all the pieces and parts that are coming together and making me a little happier each day. And maybe these little bits will help others on their own path, too.

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