The Side of the Road

April 10, 2018

On way my to work in the rain this morning, I drove past a house with piles of things for the trash. But as I looked more closely, I saw these items were perfectly good things, not trash. So I quickly made a U-turn and pulled up to the house. I hopped out and loaded into my car six throw pillows (two orange, two turquoise, and two floral) and a bag with an enormous, heavy, hand-crocheted afghan. The items were a little wet, but basically in good condition and without stains. There were more good things sitting curbside in the rain, but I couldn’t grab them all. There was a perfectly good shoe rack and a box of kids games, all getting wet.

I will find homes for the items I was able to take. I can bring them to our local Goodwill or I can Freecycle them. Sometimes if I see good toddler toys at the curb, I put them in my car and take them to our local children’s consignment shop, Gumdrop Swap. It is owned by a lovely, enterprising woman, and I am always happy to help her.

Other times, I grab things for my family or friends’ kids–I’ve found bicycles, scooters, and cozy coupes. Last year, I put two heavy wooden benches in the back of my car. My husband repaired and painted them, and we are now using them in our backyard.

It’s a shame to see good things go into the landfill. It’s actually heartbreaking to me. I feel especially bad when I see mattresses and box springs sitting out at the curb in the rain getting ruined, when I know someone, somewhere would be happy to have them.

So I guess the answer is to spread the word! There are ways to find homes for good things! Freecycle, Goodwill, the Veterans, tag sales, Buy Nothing groups, and the free section of Craig’s List. Maybe I should try to write an article about this for our local paper…stay tuned.

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