No Rush

April 13, 2018

I took today off from work, and the best part about it was that I didn’t have to rush. I woke up early, read my book in bed, and had plenty of time to my make favorite breakfast–blueberry banana breakfast rounds with a cup of tea. (You can find the recipe here.) I cleaned the kitchen while listening to the Freakonomics podcast and then went for a short walk while my daughters (who were off for spring break) slept in. It was so nice to not be frantically packing school and work lunches and urging kids to hurry up!

After the girls got up, we packed a (zero-waste) picnic and headed off to the Ansonia Nature Center. It is such a beautiful place–and free and open to the public! I love things that are accessible to one and all. We walked around the pond, spied piles of turtles, explored some trails and ate lunch at a picnic table. The girls played on the playground and did cartwheels in the ball field. The weather was glorious, and I’m so grateful for a simple, slow day spent out of doors with my girls.

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